Porcelain sticker display (30€ or 0€, see description)

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Our display is very easy to assemble and offers space for 12 porcelain sticker motifs of 20 pieces each. Stickers in three languages (English, German, French) are included. Your customers are immediately presented with all the important information about our product, which in turn spares you a lot of work. Free of charge from a porcelain sticker order worth 200€. Simply add Code STICKER-DISPLAY during checkout and we will deduct 30€ for the display. Don’t forget to add the display into your cart as well. It won’t appear automatically.

Delivery Time: 3 Days*

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Additional information

Weight 0,922 kg
Dimensions 36 × 27 × 2,5 cm



mit Stickern auf Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch