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Great for the school bag:

Schreibtischunterlagen. vegan Tattoos. Stempel.

Andrea Hild

There's a lot of love in that.

nuukk was founded by me in 2011 in Berlin. It started as a heart project alongside my painting studies. My complete assortment fit in the drawer that was under the bed in my one-room apartment in Kreuzberg. Since then nuukk has grown and I was able to learn a lot. The focus was then and still is today on stationery and home decor.

I attach great importance to sustainability. My products are produced as locally as possible. Wherever possible, I avoid plastic packaging. nuukk also cooperates with a Berlin workshop where people with disabilities or psycho-social impairments can find opportunities for training and employment. All toys and cuddly pillows are also lovingly handmade here.

My clients

“Whether music boxes, tattoos or postcards - nuukk's hearty illustrations always put a smile on the faces of both our little and our big customers! Andrea's products have been a staple in our assortment since we opened in 2017 and we still love them!”

Diana Moegenliten lycka Würzburg

“Our guest children love the cute animal motifs and always proudly show their parents their own...want to avoid unnecessary packaging waste.”

Karin IhloMarketing, Baby & Kinder Bio-Resort Ulrichshof, Bayerischer Wald

“We love that nuukk keeps providing new original designs and also features many different...grow up with nuukk and parents / adults can find their childhood in nuukk.”

Mei, owner of Duzi Pok Pok, Taipeh / Taiwanliten lycka Würzburg


In addition to my illustrations, the designs of other illustrators make for a diverse nuukk assortment.

Anna Katharina Jansen


Karin Lubenau


Ramona Zirk

Illustrator (Halfbird label)

Lenja Lorkowski

Illustrator (Little Piep label)

Jenny Boidol

Illustrator (label Bär von Pappe)

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