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Porcelain sticker at wholesale prices


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Porcelain stickers for resellers

Welcome to the nuukk porcelain stickers retail shop! In our B2B store you can find stickers to decorate new and old porcelain. The porcelain stickers are suitable for fixing in the home oven. After that, they are washable by hand.

Each sticker sheet comes with detailed, illustrated instructions, so your customers are sure to have fun with their next upcycling or craft project.

Upcycling items with porcelain stickers can personalize old or boring porcelain pieces and give them a modern, trendy or unique look. Thus, cups, plates, bowls, vases or other porcelain items are beautifully decorated. It’s also a great way to reuse damaged or incomplete sets of china ware instead of throwing them away. Upcycling is trendy because it’s sustainable. Your customers know that too!

This is what your customers will love about nuukk stickers for tableware:

– Many different motifs and styles

– Detailed instructions for use enclosed

– For firing in the home oven

– Suitable for numerous surfaces

– Adheres to old and new porcelain, ceramics and glass

– Upcycling is sustainable

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liten lycka / Würzburg, DE

Duzi Pok Pok / Taipei, TW

Porcelain stickers B2B store

Sticker Display

Perfect for your store – our sticker display for resellers.
Because: your time is precious and you can’t spend it explaining our products to your customers. This display will do it for you!
We have received super positive feedback from our retailers about selling with our display: customers are buying more and faster.

For a porcelain sticker order from 200 € the display comes for free. For smaller order quantities we charge 30 €. The display has twelve compartments and can hold 20 packs each.

Easy as pie and assembled in no time, it explains the product all by itself. Stickers in three languages to attach to the top are included.

Sticker languages: English, French and German
Size in centimeters: W 34.3 x D 27.6 x H 45.4

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Our colourful porcelain stickers can be used in many ways. They stick to new and old porcelain, ceramic, glass and enamel. Try it out for yourself and present an dummy to your customers in the shop.

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